These landscapes emerge once the process of laying down a horizon line happens. Memories, feelings of time, place, and mood emerge from the depths of memory and feeling allowing the mind triggered by the eye to assume to discover the artwork.

Brian St. John Art

Brian St. John is an artist working in multi-media drawings, paintings, and printmaking. Located in San Antonio, Texas Brian has been a producing professional artist for 40+ years. His work can be found in private, business, and institutional collections. He has received recognition in juried exhibitions and was named Artist of the Year by the San Antonio Art League and Museum in 2012.

St. John has shared his passion for art making by working as a professor of art at St. Mary’s University since 1989. Working in three main bodies of work the artist moves freely between representation and abstraction. Thank you for visiting here.

Brian St. John's art

Brings to life nature's heart

His brush strokes depict

The mountains, valleys and creeks

His landscapes are true

And capture the essence of a view

From the vibrant hues of sunrise

To the shadowy depths of night skies

His canvases are an ode

To the beauty of Mother Nature's abode

And through his art, he shows

The serene serenity that only nature knows

Each painting is a masterpiece

Of colors, textures, and peace

A delightful narration of the world we see

The lushness of earth for us to feel and be

Indeed, Brian St. John's paintings

Speak volumes about the beauty of our surroundings

His art takes us to places we've never been

But through his eyes, we get a sense of the peace within

So let us appreciate his work

And the unspoken beauty of nature that lurks

Hidden within every piece of his art

Brian St. John truly has touched our hearts!

Alexander Anderson


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